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About Us

Who We Are

We at Mukherjee’s Fertility Centre endeavour to bring joy to your families by making them complete.

Being Parent is an indescribable feeling and a blessing. However, with changing lifestyle, it is not easy for every couple to conceive. According to WHO, around 2% to 10% of couples worldwide are unable to conceive a child and a further of 10%-25% experience secondary Infertility as they are unable to conceive a second or subsequent child.

Although, Infertility is a physical issue but it brings along mental and emotional trauma with depression and anxiety. The number of treatments available in the market not just disguises, but most of the medications and treatments are so expensive that it adds on to the stress and anxiety of the couple.

For the first time in the medical history, Dr. Mukherjee’s Fertility Centre brings an Ayurvedic medicine that cures infertility, improves the health of reproductive organs and helps couples to conceive and get pregnant.

The ayurvedic medicine offered by us is a combination of over 35 years of experience and research. Through this medicine many couples have succeeded and have been able to get cured of infertility, thereby getting privilege of being parents naturally and affordably.

The medicine naturally strengthens the Ova and improves the sperm quality, thereby enhancing the ability to conceive. In most cases, patients who had no option other than I.V.F. are cured from our medicine, however, even if in some cases, patients have to go for I.V.F., the medicine increases the success rate of I.V.F. upto 50%. This is because the medicine works to improve the health of egg, sperm and endometrium.


We at Dr. Mukherjee’s Fertility Centre envision eradicating the problem of infertility. The root cause of infertility is the inability of reproductive systems. In most cases, this inability is caused by the unhealthy lifestyle and food habits. Dr. Mukherjee has been working for patients having the problem of infertility, from last 35 years. With her experience she has come up with the natural way of conceiving through a patented ayurvedic medicine. Today, she envisions to cure infertility in males and females, throughout the globe.


Through this ayurvedic medicine, we aim to reduce the infertility rate naturally and bring home the happiness of those who could not conceive because of their infertility. We endeavour to work for the infertile couples globally, so that they do not have to face the mental, emotional and financial trauma of the other expensive processes.