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It is a natural treatment it begins with detailed consultation followed by some normal investigation prescribed to find out the root cause obstructing your fertility we give our patent oral medicines targeting particular diseases and we give some panchkarma therapies like – Kati Snan, Uttar Basti etc.
No this is a pure herbal treatment. It has no side effects. It is a safe fertility treatment.
Male or female can start the treatment/Fertility medicines any time .
Yes, this treatment / Fertility medicines help to improve functioning of reproductive organs so you get good quality of Ova (Eggs) and sperms and makes uterus healthy.
We are providing fertility treatment/medicines for 3 months but It depends upon your body conditions it may take 1-3 months to conceive pregnancy.
It is a painless, natural fertility process.
Rather than any other treatment this treatment has 50% more chances.
Maximum 2-3 visits in a month required for treatment at the centers.